Papergram changes the Telegram Messenger game!

Stay in control of your bots, channels & groups with the world's first Telegram Management tool.

Launch date: Summer 2022
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Telegram Messenger has over 500 million monthly active users.

Become a Telegram professional

Automate your messages

Schedule single or serial future messages with our planning tool. Send them into groups, channels or directly to other Telegram users. Categorize users by creating User Labels.

Overview your activities

Check your messaging history and get insights. View in your calendar what’s planned in the future. If something changes, edit or delete future planned messages.

Create Templates & Variables

Save frequently used messages as templates or text passages as variables. Save time by integrating them into your workflow.

Secure your privacy

By using Telegram Bots as communication medium, you are able to keep your own account private and your data secure.

For Developers

Use our API to customise & integrate even more possibilities, like automatically generated messages, more insights & statistics and more.

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